Why SCI Works

I am a 48 year old paraplegic woman (T-10 from birth). I have always been very independent and fairly active. As I began to hit middle age, I started having a difficult time keeping my weight below 100 lbs (optimal for my height) and I began feeling more fatigued at the end of the day. Also, it became more difficult to get my manual wheelchair in and out of the car. I am a busy professional and did not have time to go to the gym, plus there weren’t any easy accessible ones in my area of Ft. Lauderdale Florida. So I searched on line and found SCITotalFitness. I have been a member for about 7 months now. I do the workouts at least 4 times a week and I feel great! My strength has increased, my energy has increased and my weight has decreased! It is a truly fabulous site and Kristin is so helpful! She is always ready with answers to nutrition or exercise questions and no question is too stupid! It is very convenient as I can do it anytime anywhere as long as I have internet access. I have done it on business trips as well as late at night when I get home from a busy day at work. I would highly recommend this site to anybody wanting to get healthier.
Denese Edsall, PhD
Associate Vice President, Human Resources, Broward College


After spending three months in the hospital I had lost strength in both my arms. I attended my first F.A.S.T. class and since then I have made significant progress. Because of the wide range of exercises I have regained movement on my left arm and have rebuilt muscles on my right arm, and have also see an improvement in my upper body balance.

Kristin cares about each and every one of her clients, so if you have any question, concern or suggestion, I assure she will address them. She makes each session enjoyable and fun; the sessions never feel repetitious and are accompanied by an eclectic music mix.

F.A.S.T. class has given me hope and has ultimately changed my life.

Miguel V., C5 SCI


The F.A.S.T. Classes are exactly what I have been looking for. I can exercise from my home around my schedule. The classes provide the challenge I need by adding weights. Also, the music is fun. Kristin is very motivating! The ability to sign up monthly is very convenient, too. I would recommend these classes to anyone searching for a fun way to reach their fitness goals.

Dr. Michelle White C-5 SCI


I’ve been working out with Kristin’s group for over a year now. It is a pleasure. She knows exactly how to encourage you and reminds you to, “Listen to your body.” My schedule only allows enough time for me to attend once a week; but a video is always available on line. It’s not easy getting out of bed early to go to the gym on Saturday mornings, after working all week. But I always, always feel invigorated after each workout and sleep like a baby that night. Her affordable, accessible, and personalized program has increased my stamina and strength.
Thanks Kristin!
Bertha Poole, C5-6 SCI
Long Beach, CA


My workout with the group is no place if you want to continue being lazy! I was lazy; not any more seven months have passed I’m no longer lazy! I’m more energetic, and I have strength to do more of with my daily life. It’s tough – I just had to reach deep inside and bring it out. There was a joke that I wouldn’t come back after the first workout, and like I said I’m in my eighth month! Thank you Kristin, you were put in my life for a reason.

Cedric Gunter, T6 SCI