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Help! I Don’t Like My PT

There are a number of reasons why you may not like your physical therapist. Personalities may not gel. Maybe you do not like the treatments the therapist is having you do. Or perhaps you do not think your therapist is helping you as much as you expected. This is not a fun situation, right? You ... Read More

Want More PT?

I have provided physical therapy in every level of care, and universally, patients want more. I am here to tell you that your therapists want to give you more treatment, but as with everything, it comes down to money… Acute Care is when you are in the hospital, and are not medically stable. You need ... Read More

What to Know about UTIs

Often, an injury to the neurological system can cause impairment of the bladder function. There are a number of issues that can arise, from a lack of coordination of sphincters or a lack of sensation of a full bladder. Whatever causes the impairment, the risk for urinary tract infections (UTI) increases. This is an infection ... Read More
It’s All About Intensity

It’s All About Intensity

I’m sure you’ve heard about the importance of incorporating exercise into your life, but do you do it? Keep reading to see how intensity is the key factor. A physical disability can limit your “daily activity” simply because you are not moving as much as an able-bodied person can. This increases your risk for heart ... Read More
Motivation to Get Moving

Motivation to Get Moving

We all know that exercise has many benefits for us, both physically and psychologically. It can keep our bodies and our minds healthy, and yet most people do not get enough exercise. Why are we not motivated enough by the benefits? The #1 excuse is limited time. We are so busy that we feel like ... Read More

Your New Dashboard

We are excited to announce the new dashboard that allows you to track your workouts! There is a graph that allows you to see your progress, and track your intensity. And you can earn points for the time you spend working out! Those points will accrue,  and can be traded in for prizes! This dashboard ... Read More
Healthy Tips for a Healthy Weight

Healthy Tips for a Healthy Weight

When you have a disability, it can be difficult to lose weight. It can also seem too easy to gain weight! You know exercise is important, and Every Body Fitness aims to provide ways to get exercise no matte what your limitation. However, exercise is not enough. I am sure that you know that you ... Read More

Consider Having a Physical Therapist Come to your Home

I did a little bit of home health as a way to earn extra income after I finished my day at this hospital, and I’ll be honest, I didn’t see my potential. I enjoyed working with my patients in rehab, and my heart was not in it when I went to people’s homes. Now I ... Read More

Caregiver Health

You know how the instructions for an emergency on an airplane tell you to put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping someone in need? Well, this is true for caregivers too! You cannot be the best caregiver if you do not take time to care for yourself. As a caregiver, you are performing a ... Read More

Exercising While Aging

According to the CDC, the average 75y.o. suffers from 3 chronic medical conditions, and takes 5 prescriptions! Most people over 65 have hypertension, 2/3 are overweight, and nearly 20% have diabetes. The risk for heart disease is tripled! The leading causes of death are heart disease, cancer and stroke – which together account for 61% ... Read More