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Consider Having a Physical Therapist Come to your Home

I did a little bit of home health as a way to earn extra income after I finished my day at this hospital, and I’ll be honest, I didn’t see my potential. I enjoyed working with my patients in rehab, and my heart was not in it when I went to people’s homes.

Now I have been to thousands of homes, and I realize that I could have treated patients in the hospital for four times as long as I did and set up as many simulations as I could think of – and I still may not have prepared them for their environment. I could have never imagined some of these homes.

Perhaps you have experienced this yourself. After a stay in a facility, you felt prepared to go home. However, not that you are home, you cannot get into your bathroom by yourself. This leaves you with a couple of options – always ask for help to get to the toilet or shower, use a commode in your bedroom, or use a diaper. This can be frustrating. You may go to outpatient physical therapy, and tell your therapist that this is your goal, and work with her to improve your mobility, but wouldn’t it be great to have a PT come to your house and work with you in the environment that is challenging you??

The challenge is that this is not always a covered benefit from your insurance. You may have to advocate for yourself to have it covered, or you can see if you have a local cash-pay physical therapist. It may be worth the investment for the impact on your life. Depending on your insurance, you may be able to have the money you spend go toward your annual deductible. Also, do what you can to have your health plan cover more therapy benefits!