Vestibular/Balance Disorders

Why you need to exercise:

Limiting activity and exercise due to dizziness is common with vestibular disorders. The success of any balance-retraining program depends in part on good general fitness. Progressive fitness programs increase energy and reduce stress.

It is also important to incorporate regular exercise that you can tolerate in order to decrease your risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. Any of our programs may be able to help you work on your health, your balance and your overall well-being.

What you need to be cautious of with exercise:

Stop your workout and consult a physician if you experience:

  • Sudden change or fluctuation in hearing
  • Onset of pressure or a feeling of fullness in your ear to the point of discomfort or pain (many people experience a slight increase in ear pressure but pain should never occur)
  • Onset of ringing in your ears or a sudden change in intensity of already existing ringing
  • Fluid discharge from your ears
  • Pain and discomfort in your neck and back associated with doing the exercises