Congratulations on deciding to take control of your health and start an exercise routine!

I want to talk about how to get started with my videos as well as how to progress safely.

When do we get new videos?

I post new videos every week. There are cardio workouts – one for arms only, and one that uses arms and legs. There is also a strength video with intervals.

How should I start FAST Class?

First, I recommend that you try the classes without any weight. Moving continuously for the 40-50minutes that the workouts last is tough, especially when you haven’t done this before. See how your body responds to the workout before challenging yourself with adding any weights. Then, add only 1/2lb or 1lb when increasing your resistance. Do not push the weight until you can complete the workout without resting. You may be able to use more weight for the strengthening workout than you use for the cardio workout. Listen to your body

Second, do what you can! I do a lot of movements that are overhead, and if you can raise your arms that high, do the motion where you can! That is totally okay, just keep moving. One example is for tricep presses, when I do this, you can do this. Or this.

Also, I am sitting during the workout. But if you can stand and safely do the workout, then that adds the challenge of balance. You can even march in place if that helps get your heart rate up. Sitting on a physioball can also work your core and your balance if you can do this safely. Remember that safety is first, so make sure you are stable enough to do the movements with your arms and legs in order to get the most benefit.

The faster you move, the harder you are working, so that is another challenge.

How do I know if I am are working hard enough?

Let’s use the Rate of Perceived Exertion. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the intensity of an all out sprint, you should aim to do the cardio video at a 5 or 6. You should feel like you’re working, but could carry on a conversation without much difficulty. For the strength videos, try to get the intensity up to an 8. You get rest breaks to allow for recovery, so you can push those intervals. You do need to challenge yourself! If you are staying in the comfortable range of a 3 or 4, you won’t get the benefits of working out. You’re putting in the time, so put in the effort.

Why is the service not free?

There are costs associated with producing this product and maintaining the site, so in order to continue providing the service, we have a monthly subscription. We try to keep the cost to the customer affordable, and subscriptions cost less than a monthly gym membership with more convenience.

Why the videos are not professionally produced?

There are two answers to this question: the first is that I wanted to keep the service cost affordable. The cost to produce professional videos would significantly increase the monthly subscription. Secondly, the larger the video size, the more chance of buffering. No one wants to wait for buffering.

Why don’t the workouts include music?

After surveying clients, most people put on their own music – which I completely understand. I know that when I’m working out and a song I don’t like comes one, I lose some steam. Everyone has music preferences – put on the music you enjoy, and you can still hear the instructions for the movements.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me. Kristin@scitotalfitness.com