FAST Class

Look better and feel better by joining our Fitness and Strength Training Class! FAST Class is a cardiovascular workout that will increase the endurance of your muscular system and your tolerance for activity while burning calories. It is a challenging 45-minute workout that is beneficial for any individual who has any need for an adapted workout. The workouts are lead by a physical therapist with expertise in neurological rehabilitation. The workout are self-paced by the participant, and are designed to “do-what-you-can.” If you need help figuring out how to do certain movements, reach out and we can figure it out together.

The Cardio workouts go non-stop to increase your endurance, while the Boot Camp workouts have intervals of work with rest to increase your strength! All of the workouts emphasize the major muscle groups necessary to perform daily functional activities, and prevent or relieve pain. F.A.S.T. Class will help increase your strength, improve your cardiovascular endurance, decrease your pain, and further your overall well-being. It is guaranteed to make you feel better about yourself!