Parkinson’s Exercise Classes

Our exercise classes are led by therapists who specialize in neurology and have done advanced training specifically in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. The exercise classes are challenging enough to create brain change and promote recovery versus maintenance of function so participants will be feeling better, moving better and regaining the ability to participate in roles in their lives that have been stripped from them due to PD!


A movement-based training for persons with Parkinson’s Disease that works on balance, coordination, agility and functional strength. This class is based on evidence and has been shown to increase walking speed, decrease falls, improve sit to stand ability, and improve balance. This class involves full-body, multi-planar movements and is led to music to improve timing and control, based on the Parkinson Wellness Recovery program.

[re+move] modified is a paced class with components in sitting and supported standing. It is appropriate for those who use a wheelchair, require an assistive device to walk or have limited endurance (able to stand or walk less than 30 minutes). Caregivers may be asked to assist. You will be sweating! Led by a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in neurology.