Your New Dashboard

We are excited to announce the new dashboard that allows you to track your workouts! There is a graph that allows you to see your progress, and track your intensity. And you can earn points for the time you spend working out! Those points will accrue,  and can be traded in for prizes!

This dashboard is not linked to the video workouts we offer, which allows your to enter the workouts that you also do off of the site! Just remember to log on and enter the time into your personal dashboard!

There is a popular trend with fitness technology that is difficult to use when your mobility is limited or you use a wheelchair to get around. Now you can get the same feedback! And our videos allow you to share your workout on social media so your friends can cheer you on!

So how does it work? You click on “Log My Workout” at the bottom of the video page, and enter the number of minutes you exercised. If you used any weights, enter that into “Resistance.” (i.e. when I do FAST Class, I use 2lbs hand weights, so I would enter 2 in the resistance box) otherwise, just enter 0 (as in zero weights.) After you click submit, you will need to refresh to see the new point value and graph.

BONUS – if you workout more than 20 days in one month, you will get 200 BONUS POINTS!!

There is a list of prizes that you can trade your points in listed below the dashboard. The points will be deducted from your total, so you can decide when you want to use them.

Here is a video that explains it: